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If you want to get a room at the McMenamin’s Edgefield near Troutdale, Oregon, you had better think to book it a year in advance. Originally built as a country “poor farm” in 1911, the McMenamin brothers purchased this now National Historic Landmark, and then restored it into one of the Pacific Northwest’s most interesting destinations. There are no telephones or TVs in the cozy rooms, but the main building is covered in whimsical artwork, and the surrounding 74-acres is lush and creatively arranged to encourage guests to walk the pristine, tranquil grounds. There’s a pub in every nook and cranny on the property, and people walk around with drink-in-hand, from one venue to another. The gardens are my favorite part of the experience, and I’ve posted pictures of them from other stays.

I took lots of pictures, this time focusing primarily on some artwork.