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Cups and mugs

One and one half shelves in our kitchen cupboard are devoted to coffee mugs. The variety of vessels that are stored there vary in shape, size and age. We each have favorites, depending on the day or where we are going. The old, red and white checkered Coca Cola mug is often grabbed if we’re headed outside or to the garage, because if it breaks no one will care too much. My orange and white Zabar’s mug is precious. It’s on the smallish-size and I will reach for it if I’m doing a double espresso (no steamed milk). There is an old, sturdy Steak n’ Shake mug, a huge brown coffee mug from a trip to Lake Powell, and a Mickey Mouse mug — a happy reminder from Disneyland. A few mugs taper at the base and fit perfectly in the cupholders in our car. The slender pink mug with the letter ‘S’ on it is one of my favorites. I love it so much it occasionally stands in for a wine glass.

I am more of a coffee drinker than a tea drinker, but some mornings when I’ve had enough caffeine for the day, a cup of tea sounds good. On those days a teacup is required.

My mother sent me this dazzling teacup a few weeks ago and I cannot stop looking at it. It either sits on the window ledge next to my computer or in the garden window where I can admire it from the kitchen. The artisanship on this delicate cup is mesmerizing. I like to run my fingers over the tiny raised dots on the glaze. Today it holds my tea.

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